rosaprestol - rosaprestol 1 week ago

She talk him coming for this Christmas we have to decorate the 🌳 RIP best president of United state God have you n your beautiful wife wallway remenber george Bush

marywaggner - Mary 1 week ago

Now the two of you are together forever. Isn’t that beautiful. Reston peace.

pringle2649 - Kay Pringle 6 days ago

Now they can spend it with there daughter and other relatives. But they will be around there. Family everydayvv❤️❤️❤️💝💝💝💝💝

alessandraiam - 1 week ago

What wonderful people. Our country will miss their kindness and integrity.

momwood57 - Holly 1 week ago

So sadden for your loss, always do hard around the holidays. In your heart along with a new Angel. ❤️