heymomo1225 - Liz Gould Sherman 3 days ago

This woman spends so much of her time writing about how hard motherhood is to post on this site seemingly every day it’s no wonder she is frazzled. Priorities ma’am.

deidra54 - deidra clark 3 days ago

Every morning with two boys and then on to a full time job, aka career of past 23 years. Don’t get home until hours after them. Then homework, showers, maybe a short tv show, then bed.

tricia_jaime - Tricia Jaime 3 days ago

Pretty much every single morning. Yes, now hurry up and brush your teeth. Yes, now hurry up and put your shoes on. Yes, now hurry up and get your lunch and your backpack. Yes, now hurry up and get in the car. This list goes on.