kirkmann1776 - Sam Kirk 1 week ago

It hurts my brain to see people thinking this is actually useful. Just. Shoot. Them. Why the fuck would anyone in the right mind do what he did. Useless drill. Shoot the fucker

scotty_mcwilliams - Scott McWilliams 2 weeks ago

Very quick. You can tell he’s been working. Not sure how smart it is to introduce a weapon into the situation, then discard it. Also, why not go straight to the pistol and give him two or three from retention while building space.

leo_silvafox_cremin - siLvaFox 2 weeks ago

Rate his skills? Uhm ... if you have to train to shoot somebody in the head after stabbing them in those areas, then chances are he is a fan of u.s. action films and not the guy you want on your squad. In addition, he is nervous, without confidence and almost effeminate. And the big toy cameo in the background does not actually help, surprisingly

cemo57893 - 1 week ago

He leans in as he pulls the knife, while being slow enough to let the opponent react. That boy is dead if that other man has a gun or a knife.